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Changing CSS for footer background image for HTTPS


  • Zach started the conversation


    I am trying to get my HTTPS padlock to return, but mixed content from the background-image for the footer, which is referenced from 

    http: //demos.pixelatethemes.com/plumbingwplst/wp-content/themes/plumbing/assets/images/bg6.jpg

    is preventing my HTTPS. I see this URL being loaded in dynamic css from somewhere and do not know where to change the location to the image. Can you tell me which file I need to edit to change this.



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    Vinod replied


    Please share your website URL, FTP and wp-admin details. So, we can check and fix the issue.

    Thank You

  • Zach replied

    URL: https://plumbing.zachjw.com

    FTP host: plumbing.zachjw.com

    user: root

    pass: Stellathecat

    port: 22

    wp-admin user: admin

    wp-admin pass: adminp

    It's not an issue - it is your code. Please tell me how to change the image to not be loaded from your site http://demos.pixelatethemes.com/plumbingwplst/wp-content/themes/plumbing/assets/images/bg6.jpg

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    Vinod replied


    Your issue has been fixed.

    If you want to change the image in the future, then you can do it from here.

    Please check Your screenshot.

    Thank You

    Attached files:  screenshot2.png